Monday, January 21, 2008

Searching for Sharlinie

I've been a self-centred slut lately. Only thinking of and about myself and my needs.
There's a missing little girl out there, for crying out loud!
Five year-ol Sharlinie Mohd Nashar or Nini has been in the news since day one of her disappearance. That was on January 9.
I think that is really good that action had been swift to locate her from the start. So far removed from how Nurin Jazlin's disappearance was treated last year.
I do think a lot about how Nurin could have been saved if we had applied the same strategy. Still....we have not found Nini. So, there's no telling what or when....

On my part, I've been a lot more busy-bodyish. I've been looking over my shoulder. Over other people's shoulders. Listening into conversations of people at the next table in case they're discussing a certain little girl.
I've been looking inside cars as I pass them in the supermarket parking area or anywhere. though anyone would keep a little girl in a car while they go shopping.
Well...who knows?
I aint taking chances.

But it's good to see that Nini is still in the news. From what I've been told, it looks like the bloggers' idea of NURIN Alert is underway, though not formally.

Me? I'll stop bitching about how life sucks or how my sex life could be better. Oh...of how Antonio could love me more...

Crap, crap, crap.

There's a frightened little girl somewhere in a not very nice place with very very evil people.

To little Sharlinie -- we'll find you, sweetie. We'll find you.
And when we find you........


zorro said...

Thanks for the last two lines....just reminded me that she is still missing. What's with Antonio dahling?Fix that man a different broo!

Miqdad said...

Yes, we are all on the look out for little Sharlinie. Hope and pray that she will be found soon.

the witch's broo said...

hello zorro,

thanks for visiting.

oh...antonio? he's like that. you know, like most men.
he may love me, lust for me..but i get he feeling that he's, well, like most men..

when a chick warms her breast near him, i think he'd get just as excited as the next guy....true?

the witch's broo said...

i wish i have the power to know where poor little nini is!